We have a beautiful reconditioning arena which is 150' X 250' (USEF recognized).  This
enables horses to build muscle without constantly turning a corner which can ultimately
stress their joints and ligaments.

We are lucky to have miles of parkland that backs onto our own 50 acres.  We have miles of
wonderful, peaceful trails.

When Your horse returns to you he should be able to re-enter the training program.

Horses that return prematurely to their training program, without great care, have proven to
have a higher risk of re-injury.
Once your horse is pronounced sound by your vet, the
reconditioning process can start.  The program will
be designed by the vet and will continue to include
daily turnouts and eurosizer as needed.

Our head trainer will be the only person to work with
your horse under saddle - one rider, one feel.  Your
horse's progression will be continually monitored
between the vet and rider on how they feel the horse
is handling the program and move on from there.
An example would be:

A 3' to 3'6" equitation horse returning from a
suspensory injury may require 30 days
walking under saddle. This may start at 10
mins.   The next 30/60 days may be building
trot work.  Work may be steadily increased as
the vet and rider feel the horse is ready,
finishing with a complete flat program which
may incorporate trails and small jumps
depending on individual requirements.