We have a beautiful reconditioning arena which is 150' X 250' (USEF recognized).  This
enables horses to build muscle without constantly turning a corner which can ultimately
stress their joints and ligaments.
The Rehabilitation Program at Four Oaks Farm
First and foremost we can't stress enough the importance of rehabilitating and reconditioning your sport horse
correctly the first time.
Our philosophy:  allow enough time for injuries to heal completely.  That, combined with the carefully
individualized reconditioning program, ensures the best results for a successful recovery back to the show ring.

In 2005 Four Oaks Farm was specifically designed and built as a private rehabilitation facility for sport horse's
physical and mental well being.  It maintains a quiet and serene atmosphere, and is not open as a public
boarding stable.  With 14,000 sq. ft. of rubber flooring, an automatic fly system in every stall and throughout
the barn, we are able to maintain a calm and quiet environment for your horse.  
Working  closely with the discharging hospital and personal vet, we take your horses' unique case from hospital
through rehabilitation and reconditioning back to your training facility.
As horses progress under the vet's supervision, they
may walk on our rubber floored eurosizer and/or
spend time in a small, all weather 15X30 day
paddock.  As permitted, horses may move on to our

Full Care is required for all horses in the
rehabilitation program.  This will include hand
walking, eurosizer, day paddocks and grooming for
complete 7 day a week program.  

Our Horsegym 2000 Treadmill for controlled
exercise, new in 2010, together with medical
applications and cold water therapy are also available.

Our stalls are oversized, 12X16 and 16X16, open and bright for content minds, with therapeutic anti
fatigue flooring for greater circulation.  We hand water and give multiple feedings throughout the day
so if your horse has to be confined to a stall, he remains physically and mentally happy.