Amenities and Costs

Four Oaks Farm
Equine Rehabilitation


Starting at $450 per month

Two acre pastures with shelters and trees. Two horses to a pasture where possible with a max of three if necessary. Horses fed and monitored twice daily. Pastures cleaned daily.

Board - for Lay-up Horses

All stalls fitted with Soft Stall flooring for greater circulation. 

Fire Sprinklers in stable and in each stall. Fly system throughout.

What is available:

Eurosizer, Treadmill & Large All Weather Day Paddocks

14,000 sqft of rubber walkways - 24 hr individual care and feeding program.


12 x 12 Stall       $23.50 per day               $700.per month

12 x 16 Stall       $25.00 per day               $750 per month

16 x 16 Stall       $27.50 per day               $825 per month

Medical Care For Lay-Up Clients

Medicinal applications including leg wrapping (Not including syringes)

$5.00 per day     $150 per month 

Full Care For Lay-Ups

Hand walking or eurosizer as required, daily turnout and basic grooming

$15 per day        $450 per month

Reconditioning Work

We'll work closely with vet and trainer to create an individual program based on the needs of the horse. Prices are quoted individually. 150' x 250" arena and turn outs are available.

Contact Numbers

Kathleen Busfield, Owner/Trainer - Mobile  818.294.4866

Regina Anonioli, Office Manager -  Mobile  805.404.8600